Let’s Do Lunch! Why I Started This Blog

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day.  If you eat it early enough, it can be brunch.  If you eat it late, it can be an early dinner.  You can eat anything and make it lunch.  But where can you eat in Cobb County, Georgia and get a great deal?

As fate would have it, my mother-in-law, Elma moved in with us 6 weeks ago.  She is 83 years old and she is great.  The one thing she loves to do is go out to lunch.  She MUST get a good deal–a lot of food, at a bargain price.  But the food HAS to be quality.  She also likes a thoughtful atmosphere and music that’s “not so pounding”.

While I love lunch as well, I value quality interesting food that is healthy and served by a great wait staff.

We thought since we go out to eat at least 3 times a week, that we would save others time and money and give ratings for the places at which we eat.   We would give our honest opinions and we would not take any free meals from any establishments that wanted to be on the blog.

Elma and I rate the eateries in six categories using a 1 – 5 star rating system.

  • Food quality:  Is everything fresh? Does it taste like it’s been sitting around for a while?  Are the lettuce leaves wilting? You get the idea.
  • Value:  How many meals can we get out of our doggie bags?
  • Atmosphere: Can we keep busy looking around when the conversation lags? and do we like what we see?
  • Wait staff: Are they accommodating? do they make light banter? do they laugh at Elma’s jokes? are they attentive?
  • Senior friendly: are there enough handicapped parking spaces? is the entrance difficult to navigate? are the seats comfy?
  • Bathrooms: c’mon let’s face it–if the place is great, but the bathroom smells like Uncle Frank has been in there reading War and Peace, forget it!

Elma rates the restaurant from her point of veiw, and I rate it from mine.  You, the reader get the value of our opinion (for what it’s worth!)

We plan to visit restaurants more than one time to get a true feel of what it is like.  I plan to post many pictures of the inside as well as the meals.

Please check the blog roll for “favorites” and “don’t bothers”.

Thanks for reading and check back soon!!


2 responses to “Let’s Do Lunch! Why I Started This Blog

  1. Yowza! What a great idea! I hope a lunch is in the cards when I visit!

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