Who is Susan?

Life is good

I am a 45 year old vegetarian and I love to go out to eat.  I am a vegetarian because of health reasons–I am not a member of PETA (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and I don’t care what you put in your mouth.  I am a breast cancer survivor that was originally diagnosed with stage III cancer in 2005.  I did the whole surgery thing and did time in the chemo room, but I’m back and have been for a while.

I owned my own business until a short time ago, but now my job is making sure Elma is always happy and enjoying herself.  So far it’s been great.

When I go out to eat I like a very attentive wait staff.  I mostly eat salads and lighter things, and I am always looking for interesting presentations and ingredients.  I also always have my dressing “on the side”.

I am married with 2 great teen-aged daughters.  Since my illness, I just concentrate on the “diem” and try to “carpe” it as often as possible


One response to “Who is Susan?

  1. You have one lucky husband 🙂

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